Errand Boy Express

Do you have an urgent delivery? A package or item that needs to make the next flight out-of-town, or maybe a part for an industrial machine that needs to be fixed right away? Errand Boy Express handles "hot shot" urgent deliveries that receive immediate priority over everything else. They even take care of jobs for air freight companies that need items delivered as quickly as possible.

Need something delivered right now?

Errand Boy Express drivers are Hazmat certified, TSA certified to enter any airport, and carry TWIC cards to access industrial areas.

There are some deliveries you can't trust to be just anyone. Errand Boy Express has the certifications to deliver potentially hazardous materials like human tissue and even blood.

Transporting the most sensitive materials

From packages to parts to hazardous or sensitive materials, you can always call on the certified professionals at Errand Boy Express to fulfill your deliveries. In addition to emergencies, they provide same-day delivery service, a warehouse stocked with common items, and reliable, discreet courier services.

Full delivery and courier services


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